PyOEIS is a Python module (written in Python 2.7) for interfacing with the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. It was my first real programming project, and as such contains much that I am now embarrassed by and I no longer maintain it. Nevertheless, it still works on Python 2.7 and 3.x, and I’m quite proud of it.

Random Table Roller

Random Table Roller is a simple graphical program for rolling against random tables used in many tabletop RPGs. It accepts tables in a simple CSV format and allows the user to load many tables upfront and switch between then easily.


Webcomic tumblogs

I maintain automated Tumblr blogs which post new strips from the xkcd and Depressed Alien webcomics. They used to run on code written in Python 2.7 and hosted on a Google App Engine. The Depressed Alien blog is now defunct and the xkcd blog is currently updated using a Huginn instance running on a VPS.

Open Source Contributions

These are accessible via my GitHub profile but collected here for neatness.

Fuzzy Clock BitBar plugin

I contributed a small ‘word clock’ script to BitBar, which displays the time in words to the nearest five minutes. I also created a Swedish version of this for a friend.

Sopel IRC bot enhancements

I added several features to the Sopel IRC bot’s Reddit integration.